Multiple award winning projects

Showcasing incredible caliber in both workmanship and style for architects, interior designers, and builders. We create images for websites, advertising campaigns, and "cleaning up" at the Care, Georgie, and Sam awards.
Our interior and exterior photographs have helped our clients gain exposure in numerous national and international publications.


Hotels, Restaurants, and Resorts

We have produced lifestyle, cuisine, and accommodation images for The Oak Bay Beach Hotel, Chateau Victoria Hotel, Long Beach Lodge Resort, Tigh-Na-Mara Resort, and The Sidney Hotel and Spa, to name a few…


Upstage your competitors

Our creative team creates high impact images that will increase your visibility and make your advertising investment worth your effort. We can shoot with blue/green screen and composite any idea into a reality.

Studio or Location

Unrivaled flexibility

Photographing people and products in our fully equipped studio or portable location service is a breeze.
Our portable Broncolor "move" lighting system can provide professional lighting on a mountian top or deep forest.
The studio has shooting light tables, seamless backgrounds, and creative lighting tools for endless effects.
Powerful 21,000ws flash generators, various light modifiers, and projection spot-lites (with gobos) are a sample of the tools available for creative control. We photograph people, apparel, food, sculpture, art work, and virtually any two or three dimensional subject.

Magazine Editorial

An image is worth a thousand words

We love to collaborate with art directors, editors, graphic designers, and stylists. Vince has over twenty years experience shooting editorial assignments and his award winning images have been published locally, nationally and internationally.


In-house Image processing

Our high-resolution files are created from the most advanced Hasselblad digital camera system in the world and are individually adjusted, meticulousy color balanced, and selectively manipulated for desired results. Delivered on DVD or FTP service.
All work is archived for future reference availablity.


Kathy Stuparyk
Senior Manager
Sales and Marketing at Fifth Avenue Real Estate Marketing

For consistent, high impact, award-winning results, Vince Klassen is a trusted resource. From his highly tuned creative talents, to his keen eye for detail, state-of-the-art equipment, and his exceptional client care, Vince exceeds the demands of any project, big or small. Incredibly fun to work with, a master in his field, you won't be disappointed!

Jacalin Jefferson
Managing Director
Jaki Graphics

I have worked with Vince over many, many years, first when I was art director of Boulevard Magazine, then as art director of Boulevard Lifestyles Inc. as well as through my own graphic business. He is a consummate professional and absolutely the most talented photographer I have ever worked with. His work has always been on-budget and always impressive.

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