About Me

Vince Klassen

I love the collaborative process to achieve beautiful, sophisticated and effective images...Virtually anywhere

Born and raised in Victoria, BC. Vince shot his first photographs at the age of 9, experimented with film and video during his teens, and became a self-taught professional still photographer in 1987. Klassen has a thriving freelance photography business, and his commercial success includes dozens of corporate clients, projects with national and international publications, awards from the graphic designers of Canada, and his personal work has been exhibited and collected by the international photography hall of fame and museum. "My approach to photography is a combination of imagination, pre-visualization, and the utilization of science to obtain anything I desire. I love the challenge of creating a moment in time which explores personal experience and the creation of a beautiful unique tableau". Klassen's knowledge of classical and contemporary photography is comprehensive, when not experimenting in the darkroom with platinum and other historical printmaking processes, Klassen can be found traveling and collaborating with his contemporaries.

My Commitment

All work is guaranteed 100%
I have been a professional photographer for over twenty five years and strive to provide my clients with the best images possible... plain and simple.
I stand behind every photograph and each image is made to your satisfaction.

Please contact me for a no obligation consultation, I would be happy to discuss your project, provide a site visit and give a detailed written quotation.

“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.” ― Robert Frank

My Equipment

We are proud supporters of Hasselblad, the highest quailty camera system in the world

Our Studio and location service can tackle any size project from small tabletop applications to large scale installations. Our Hassleblad H6D-100c digital system can accommodate virtually any task >
HCD 28mm f/4.0 Wide Angle Prime Lens
HCD 35-90mm f/4.5-6.0 Zoom Lens
HCD 80mm f/2.8 Prime Lens
HC Macro 120mm f/4.8 Prime Lens
HC 210mm f/4.0 Prime Lens
HTS1.5 and accessories
Our flash lighting system consists of 21,000ws strobe generators, multiple focusing spot-lite projection systems, 7' Chimera Octodomes, Chimera Pro Light Banks, and endless light modifiers.
Locations can have professional lighting with our Broncolor "move" lighting, battery powered studio flash illumination anywhere!
We can shoot untethered or tethered via macbook pro workstations providing real time composition changes, image correction, and digital editing on the fly!
We also shoot Nikon Digital, as needed.